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Frequently Asked Questions

Ask Away..

Will this destroy my plumbing?

No. Our valve has no moving parts and is built to spec prior to delivery.  We have never had a problem or return with any of our products and they all come with a 10-year warranty.

Will your solutions affect our operations and/or water usage needs?

No. Our solutions are built specifically to your systems’ needs to ensure that your water volume and water pressure needs will not be affected. The only thing that will be affected is how much money and water you start saving. 

Do you have any references for savings?

100% absolutely yes! As we already have our systems installed all over the world, if you will please let us know what type of property you have, we will send you case studies and references specific to your needs. 

How complex is the installation?

Most installations take around 20 minutes or so, depending on the location of install.

How much does this cost?

Great question, and the only thing better than your question is the answer. Since we offer a free trial period, when you decide to proceed with our solutions, you will share part of your savings to pay for our services and that’s it; basically, we’re going to make sure you start saving money for free! 

How do I know what type of solution we need?

Chances are, you won’t, but that’s why we’re here. We have all the software, engineers and hardware to calibrate your specs into a custom designed solution specific to your system. We’ve got you!

How Do I Get Started?

Send Us Your Specs

Include your past 24 months of water bills, your property’s incoming pressure, your max flow rate, and your water intake size.

We Configure Your Solution

After processing your data, we will configure your perfect solution based on your specs, and then deliver it to you asap.

Install & Save

We’ll get you installed and ready to start saving on day one. Please send us the data on your savings for future customers!

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