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Save water save Money

Go Blue & Green at the same time with Advanced Hydro Solutions

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Patented Water Products and Services

Save upwards of 30% on your water and sewage bills while maintaining your water volume & pressure needs. Contact us now and start saving today.

How It Works

Reduce the amount of air that spins your water meter, so the only thing you pay for on your water bill is, well, water.

Our Customers Are Saying…

“We are reducing our water and sewer charges by $55,000 (from $240,000 to $ 185,000), based upon savings realized over past 2 years after installing your Valve.”

 – Bob Pack, GM Grand Central at Kennedy

“We have installed 12 of your Valves in our apartment properties over past 6 months. Savings have averaged 32%.”

– Greg C.T.R.C. Management”

Steps To Saving Water & Money

1: Send us your specs

Include your past 24 months of water bills, your property’s incoming pressure, your max flow rate, and your water intake size.

2: We Configure your solution

After processing your data, we will configure your perfect solution based on your specs, and then deliver it to you asap.

3: Install and Save

We’ll get you installed and ready to start saving on day one. Please send us the data on your savings for future customers!

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